Monday, September 10, 2012

7 Best Business Ideas for 2012

Energy Efficiency Consultant

Cutting down the costs of energy bills is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses. However, reducing such bills is much more challenging than you may think. That's where energy efficient consultants can lend their expertise. If you have a background in utilities or construction, you'll be qualified to provide home or business owners with advice pertaining to insulation; smart meter installation; and water usage.


There are many people who have become obsessed with hoarding invaluable items. This obsession has given birth to the business of organizing. Since hoarders are unable to make resolute decisions, having an organizer will be a great asset. Although there isn't any rigid set of rules to qualify as an organizer, it is important that you possess organizing skills that will allow you to transform a space with junk into a clutter-free zone.


Many people are turning to the internet as a means of earning an income. The rise of online entrepreneurs has ushered in a new era of doing business. One of the best business ideas for 2012 has been in the area of copywriting. There is a vast array of website owners seeking to develop consistent content on their websites. Whether or not these website owners possess the skills to write such content, many prefer to place the work in the hands of professional copywriters. If you're well-versed in the areas of writing, English, or Journalism your services will be in constant demand.

Elder Assistant

Elder assistance has landed a spot on the best business ideas for 2012. Nursing qualifications are not required for this line of work. The elderly, in most cases, require minimal assistance around the house. If you pursue this course, you may find yourself grocery shopping; doing daily chores; and paying bills.

Vending Machine Business

The vending machine industry has caught onto the healthy trend. Foods such as soda and chips are no longer in par with the health-conscious lifestyle of many Americans. As a result, franchises such as Fresh Vending, has incorporated healthier choices into its vending machines. If you've mounted the health-conscious band wagon and you're seeking to get a message across to the masses of the importance of eating healthy, starting a vending machine business would be the ideal place to start.

Smartphone Repair

Smartphones are essential for both business and personal life. Oftentimes, you can find smartphone users seeking advice in forums to solve an issue with their mobile device. Your services will come in handy here. In some cases, fixing a smartphone can cost as much as buying one. However, smartphone repair is one of the best business ideas you can explore in 2012, since the demand is gradually rising.

Traveling Salon

Senior services will increase in accordance with people's lifespan. Besides health care, seniors may require beautician services. Instead of going to get such services, you'll travel in a mobile salon to their houses to perform hair, nails, or other beautician services.

Caroline Baxter Is a Serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach with over 15 years experience. The owner of multiple successful business enterprises, Caroline began her first business venture at the tender age of just 24, generating her first six-figure salary by the end of her first year.
Since then, Caroline has gone on to establish herself as a widely respected business coach, inspiring countless individuals to follow their passions, pursue their ambitions and get started in their own successful ventures.

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